Banana Beach Tan

SUNLESS Spray Tanning


Systems: VersaPro™

With the new VersaPro™ Heated Sunless Spa Series, the future of sunless tanning is here. Everything you would expect, all in one revolutionary system. The VersaPro™ offers total tan customization:

  • Just face
  • Just legs or
  • Just body

VersaPro™ Features Include:

  • A next-generation spray technology that delivers consistent spray application to ensure a flawless tan every time.
  • A heated sunless system that will pamper you with a comfortable, spa-like experience.
  • A height sensor technology to ensure pinpoint accuracy and full coverage for your specific body type.
  • A built-in intelligence that will literally talk you through the sunless tanning experience with voice-guided instructions and additional visual instructions if needed.
  • The ability to upgrade each session, including adding second applications or color boosts to your legs or other body areas.
  • Endless customization options, with four solutions and color levels that range from a hint of color to a deep, rich dark bronze, meeting the needs of your specific skin type for best desired results.

Quite simply, it delivers flawless, long-lasting, so-good-it-looks-like-Mother-Nature color via a heated application that makes every spray pass feel like a warm, inviting spa-like experience that you’ll want to return to again and again.