Banana Beach Tan

SUNBED Tanning

How to prepare?

Moisture is the key to a healthy-looking tan.

Moisture is the key to a healthy-looking tan.

Banana Beach Tan consultants are trained to help you achieve a great looking tan without overexposure. By following the FDA recommended exposure schedules, you can develop a great tan without burning.

Here are some tips for getting better results during the tanning process:

    • Moisture is the key to a healthy-looking tan! Tanning lotions prepare your skin for UV exposure and reduce the drying effects of the tanning process. They also contain ingredients that promote the production of melanin in your skin, and special vitamins that keep your skin healthy. Banana Beach Tan offers a variety of lotions and moisturizers specifically designed for indoor tanning.
    • If you plan to tan in the nude, you should slowly extend your tan time with each visit, avoiding overexposure.
    • Your lips produce very little melanin and are prone to UV-overexposure, so you should always protect them with a sunscreen. SPF lip balms are available at Banana Beach Tan.
    • Many products we all use everyday – such as make-up and perfumes – contain ingredients that can make your skin more susceptible to sunburn (photosensitive). Common prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications can also cause photosensitizing reactions.
Make sure to protect your eyes!

Make sure to protect your eyes!

  • Protect your eyes! Your eyelids are not thick enough to protect your eyes from UV! Simply keeping your eyes closed while tanning will NOT prevent serious damage. Covering your face with a towel or T-shirt will not block enough of the UV rays to prevent damage, either. We make it easy to protect your eyes! Several styles of FDA compliant eye protection are available at all Banana Beach Tan locations and you are required to wear it during every tanning session. Don’t worry about getting “raccoon eyes” – this can be easily avoided by slightly repositioning your eye protection once or twice during your session.