Banana Beach Tan

SUNBED Tanning


Banana Beach Tan offers a variety of sunbeds: 


The KBL Alpha is the most intelligent tanning bed in the world. From the first second you enter you will enjoy relaxed sunbathing in the warmth and light. Here you can achieve the perfect tan for your skin-type through it’s cutting-edge intelliSun technology that lets you select specific settings based on your pigmentation level.

Matrix L33

This is the ultimate tanning experience, surrounded by the sun, almost suspended in mid-air, your tanning experience will be luxurious and satisfying. In 15 minutes or less, you will achieve a deep, dark tan like no other. And with shorter sessions, you will be able to achieve a deep dark tan with fewer sessions. The MATRIX, L33. This is a true luxury tanning experience!

Sunscape 755

The SS755 has proven itself to be a thoroughbred tanning machine. The first bed to use true 200W lamp technology, this bed will provide you with “plateau-busting” color that is unprecedented. All this in conjunction with the powerful Ultimate face tanner technology will ensure tanning success.

Matrix L58

The Matrix L58 is fitted with low pressure tubes and high-pressure lamps: thirty two 160-watt tubes and four 650-watt lamps in the upper part of the solarium. The bench has twenty 160-watt tubes in the lower part. Open design, ventilation adjustable by user, a powerful hot air extraction system and air conditioning guarantee maximum comfort.


The Tan America Malibu offers forty 160-watt reflector lamps with built-in fans and FM/CD Radio. You will enjoy this tan with a maximum 12-minute tan time.

SunUp II

SunUp II gives stand up performance with a new angle on facials. The unique tilt feature of the (2) 500-watt Heraeus high-pressure facial lamps adds to the outstanding results from (48) 160-watt reflector lamps. The SunUp II is the only vertical tanning unit in the industry with adjustable facial lamps. Designed to tan head to toe, use this unit every third or fourth session to even out skin tones and get a deeper, darker tan.


Banana Beach Tan Platinum beds have between thirty two and forty 160-watt lamps with a 15-minute tan time, with and without facial lamps. More color, with less burn. Maintain your tan with just 1-2 sessions a week. FM/CD radio as well.


Banana Beach Tan Gold beds have 160-watt lamps with a 12-minute tan time. This bed gives you more color in less time with less burn. Maintain with 3-4 sessions a week. FM/CD radio as well.


Banana Beach Tan Silver beds have a minimum of thirty 100-watt Lamps. This bed is a great entry level bed.